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Dog Training

Sit Happens is an Edinburgh based dog training service run by Lorna Kennedy, a fully accredited IMDT, ethical dog trainer. The IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) promotes the use of science based training & learning techniques.


Lorna is originally from Dublin, she moved to Edinburgh for work in 2012, as a research chemist, but her love of dogs has led her to pursue a career in dog training. 


Lorna has decades of experience training animals (sport horses & dogs). Lorna has always been 'dog mad'. As a child she used to walk and train neighbour's dogs. She competed in junior handling dog shows as a teenager and won the Irish National Junior Handling Shetland Sheepdog Championship in 1995.

She is also a member of Stirling Agility Club​ and competes with her fantastic Vizsla, Drico.


Over the last few years, she has more formally been involved in dog training, attending courses on:

  • Mantrailing (tracking missing people by scent)

  • Scent Detection

  • Coping Strategies & Aggression seminars with one of the world leaders in dog ethology, Alexa Capra 

  • IMDT courses on learning laws and practical training

  • SOCS 30 Days of Canine Science

  • Interactive play workshop with Craig Ogilvie

  • Certified Canine First Aider


About Me
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In January 2019 she began working with Gosia Bates and teaching in Dogs and the City puppy classes. She had an official assessment by the IMDT in October 19 and passed with distinction. This is an Open College Network Level III qualification.

Lorna started Sit Happens Dog Training in January 2020 and has trained >100 dogs and their people since. Lorna is committed to continuous professional development and is currently studying a 3 year course in Canine Behavioural Science with the School of Canine Science.

Lorna is Police checked and insured with Pet Business Insurance.

Lorna is fully toilet trained, and is tick and worm free.


1-1 Training

Private training in your home or local park

1 hr



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Puppy Classes

Course of 4 indoor classes

4 x 1 hr


Walk & Train

Have your dog taken out  and  professionally trained while you are at work

1 hr


Not Available at the Moment, Sorry

Behaviour Modification

For more complex cases, such as fear, aggression or anxiety

1 hr



Online 1-1 Training

Live video calls using my dog to demonstrate

1 hr


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Semi-Private Training

Share your training session with a friend

1 hr



Contact Me
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