Private sessions online using Gmail or Zoom video calls, using my dog for demonstration of training techniques

Private sessions in your garden or local park. 

If you and a friend are interested in training similar topics, such as recall, loose lead walking, you can organise a joint session.

2 dogs & owners - £30 each

3 dogs & owners - £22 each

4 dogs & owners - £18 each

£45: Initial consultation and includes follow up report

£30: Follow up training with an optional £15 charge for          follow up report

£55: Initial consultation and includes follow up report

£40: Follow up training with an optional £15 charge for              follow up report

Wednesday Evenings. Sept Classes Full. Contact me for October Classes

Class groups:

  • Level 1: Available to all.

  • Level 2: Available to people who attended Levels 1 course.

  • Level 3: Available to people who attended Puppy Primary School or Levels 1 & 2 courses.

1-1 Sessions include: 

  • an initial consultation to discuss what you would like help with

  • some training techniques & management explanation

  • a detailed report with a training plan*.

 * Inital sessions include training report, thereafter report is optional  -    £15 per session

Whether you are getting a new puppy or would like some help/suggestions with your adult dogs, I can help.

Examples of training sessions: 

  • Preparing for puppy: I offer home visits to help prepare you and your home to receive your newest family member.

  • Early training sessions: Give your pup the best start in life and protect against potential future problems, such as resource guarding, fear at vet, harness/collar avoidance.

  • Change unwanted behaviours: such as barking at doorbell, pulling on lead, poor recall, barking at strangers or people passing, jumping up, chewing furniture, overly-excited greetings, crying when alone, and many more.

  • Fun tricks or nose work: train your dog to find your keys.

  • Brain games: fun games to improve general well being,  reduce amount of physical activity required and improve your dogs problem solving skills.

  • The power of play!

  • Improving calm behaviours in exciting places: help your dog stay relaxed and controlled in a café or pub.

All with force-free, positive training techniques that are easy to implement and fit around your life!

COVID-19: Ideas to entertain our dogs

  • Scatter feeding: use your dogs meals to entertain them. Check out my video

  • Training: perfect the basics and teach new tricks.

  • Scent detection: hide items for your dog to sniff out.

  • Shaping games: hotter colder game without the 'colder'.

  • 'Copy me': teach your dog to remember your movements and adapt them to his body and copy what you are doing.

  • Balance & propioception: use targeting and balance pads to develop strength and body awareness.

  • Playing with toys: teach different forms of play, such as: tuggy, chasing, stealing, retreieving and use them ro reinforce behaiour that you like.