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  • 1 hr

    90 British pounds
  • 1 hr

    80 British pounds
  • Share a training session with a friend

    1 hr

  • Courses of 4 classes

    90 British pounds

Private sessions online using Gmail or Zoom video calls, using my dog for demonstration of training techniques

Private sessions in your garden or local park. 

If you and a friend are interested in training similar topics, such as recall, loose lead walking, you can organise a joint session.

2 dogs & owners - £45 each

3 dogs & owners - £35 each

4 dogs & owners - £25 each

£80: Initial consultation and includes follow up report

£60: Follow up training with a £20 charge for optional    follow up report

£90: Initial consultation and includes follow up report

£70: Follow up training with a £20 charge for optional      follow up report

Puppy classes

Wednesday Evenings 
Contact me to book.

Class groups:

Level 1: Available to all

  • Recall

  • Loose lead walking

  • Frustration tolerance

  • Excited greetings

  • Drop

  • Rules of training (how to teach your dog anything)

  • Training stillness for examination

and much more

Level 2: Available to people who attended Levels 1 course.

  • Recall: improving recall from distractions and play

  • LLW: by distractions

  • Leave cue: move away from that thing

  • Drop cue: improving the drop cue

  • Bed cue: teach and build a strong bed cue so you can send your dog to a mat and keep them there

  • Calm cue: help your dog to remain calm when being touched by strangers

and much more

Level 3: Available to people who attended Levels 1 & 2 courses.

  • Food manners: teaching good behaviour around food and preventing counter surfing 

  • Training: Shaping and different ways to get behaviours

  • Life rewards

  • Husbandry: teeth brushing/ear cleaning... teaching your dog how to participate

  • Targeting

and much more

1-1 Sessions include: 

  • an initial consultation to discuss what you would like help with

  • some training techniques & management explanation

  • a detailed report with a training plan*.

 * Inital sessions include training report, thereafter report is optional  -    £20 per session

COVID-19: Ideas to entertain our dogs

  • Scatter feeding: use your dogs meals to entertain them. Check out my video

  • Training: perfect the basics and teach new tricks.

  • Scent detection: hide items for your dog to sniff out.

  • Shaping games: hotter colder game without the 'colder'.

  • 'Copy me': teach your dog to remember your movements and adapt them to his body and copy what you are doing.

  • Balance & propioception: use targeting and balance pads to develop strength and body awareness.

  • Playing with toys: teach different forms of play, such as: tuggy, chasing, stealing, retreieving and use them ro reinforce behaiour that you like.

Whether you are getting a new puppy or would like some help/suggestions with your adult dogs, I can help.

Examples of training sessions: 

  • Preparing for puppy: I offer home visits to help prepare you and your home to receive your newest family member.

  • Early training sessions: Give your pup the best start in life and protect against potential future problems, such as resource guarding, fear at vet, harness/collar avoidance.

  • Change unwanted behaviours: such as barking at doorbell, pulling on lead, poor recall, barking at strangers or people passing, jumping up, chewing furniture, overly-excited greetings, crying when alone, and many more.

  • Fun tricks or nose work: train your dog to find your keys.

  • Brain games: fun games to improve general well being,  reduce amount of physical activity required and improve your dogs problem solving skills.

  • The power of play!

  • Improving calm behaviours in exciting places: help your dog stay relaxed and controlled in a café or pub.

All with force-free, positive training techniques that are easy to implement and fit around your life!

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