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Livingston (Week days only)

Edinburgh North: Approx. 2 mile radius from Inverleith Park.

Beyond this distance there may be small additional pre-agreed travel charge.

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Useful Info

Sit happens is happy to recommend the following:

  • Group training classes:

  • Local dog walking and day care: 

  • Local dog photographer: 

  • Local day care (Kirknewton/Livingston area):



  • Excellent book for 1st time puppy owners:


(Also available on Audible, read by author)

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Scatter feeding

Scatter feeding is a great way to feed dogs:

  • You can use their own food to entertain them for half an hour while you are busy doing somthing else.

  • Sniffing has been proven to produce seritonin in the brain, which has a calming effect on your dog

  • Scattering food, particularly in places where the dog cannot see the food e.g. grass, snuffle mats, behind cushions or in deep pile/shag carpets, promotes sniffing and thus can proied calming entertainment.

Here is a video explaining how to start scatter feeding:


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